Oct 18, 2015

LISTEN: Feder – Goodbye (Feat. Lyse)

Maybe what we're calling deep house these days is not as deep as how it sounds in the 80s, like this Mixmag article says, but this shit is really good and even with pop influences of EDM, it sounds pretty deep as well.

Feder is a French DJ and producer named Hadrien Federiconi originating from Nice (south of France). Before moving to Paris and quickly immersing himself in the deep-house scene, combining his own take on pop with what he heard around him, he release a remix of world renowned musician Rodriguez’s track "Sixto" (stream below), in 2014 with a great succes.

Diving straight into summer, Feder released his own track "Goodbye". Spreading across Europe, hitting #1 in France, Swiden, Russia or Turkey and remaining on heavy radio rotation throughout the summer in across the continent. A good example of the today deep house scene.

Judge for yourself.


Twitter: twitter.com/feder_music
Facebook: facebook.com/Federuniverse
Instagram: instagram.com/feder.music
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/feder_music
Spotify: FEDER

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