Jul 24, 2015


"WTF is PC Music?" is the question that everyone is asking since it showed up on Soundcloud last year (2014).

PC Music is more than just a record label created by a London producer and young visionary A. G. Cook. PC Music is a loose collective of artists, producers and singers such as SOPHIE, Danny L Harle, Hannah Diamond, GOTY, Kane West, easyFun, the very same A. G. Cook and more who are dropping a kinda imaginary futuristic bubblegum UK-rave nostalgic and videogame-based satire pop music. Huh?

It's hard to define how it sounds because PC Music is a genre in itself. The best way to describe its sound is putting your ears on their Soundcloud and explore for yourself. Truly crazy funny shit made to have fun.

Check out some of the best tracks and remixes of PC Music so far, below.

QT (SOPHIE and A. G. Cook) – Hey QT

Danny L Harle – In My Dreams

Hannah Diamond – Every Night

A. G. Cook – Beautiful

A. G. Cook x Hannah Diamond – Keri Baby

Kane West – Western Beats

Panda Bear – Come To Your Senses (Danny L Harle Remix)

Years & Years – Shine (Danny L Harle Remix)

LIZ – When I Rule the World (Prod. SOPHIE)

Madonna – Bitch I'm Madonna Feat. Nicki Minaj (Prod. Diplo and SOPHIE)

PC Music bossman A. G. Cook DJing at Boiler Room

Danny L Harle - Jungle Survival DJ Challenge

Lately, their realised "PC Music, Vol 1", the first official compilation of the label.

Stream it below.

Stream my plyalist "PC Music ; best of" on spotify.

Web: pcmusic.info
Twitter: twitter.com/pcmus
Facebook: facebook.com/pcmus
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/pcmus

Jul 21, 2015


Here are the 7 wonders of the past few days.

Beirut – No No No
From No No No, ©2015 4AD

Natalie Prass – Bird of Prey
From self-titled album, ©2015 Spacebomb Records / Sony Music

Yukon Blonde – Como
From On Blonde, ©2015 Dine Alone Music

The Vaccines – Handsome
From English Graffiti, ©2015 Sony Music

From MAGNIFIQUE, ©2015 Under Exclusive License To Because Music

Rationale – Fuel To Fire
From self-titled EP, ©2015 Best Laid Plans

CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers – I'll Be There
From single, ©2015 Warner Bros.