Jun 30, 2015

LISTEN: sjowgren – seventeen

The three friends from San Francisco sjowgren shared indie revival first single (after a few demos) called "seventeen", and it catch you at the first listen.


Web: sjowgren.com
Twitter: twitter.com/sjowgren
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/sjowgren
Spotify: sjowgren

Jun 10, 2015

THIS IS: Parov Stelar

Marcus Füreder (aka Parov Stelar) is an Austrian-based producer starting in the 90s DJ-ing in nightclubs. Under the pseudonym Plasma he released the 2001 album Shadow Kingdom on his Bushido Records label.

After that, he started producing and publishing as Parov Stelar an impressive quantity of recordings until 2010 and is founder and head of the label Etage Noir Recordings.

His "electro swing" sound, enchanced with clever sampling, proved to be popular in the compilation and DJ-mix market, including Stéphane Pompougnac's Hôtel Costes series.

In 2013 Stelar linked with Island Records for awarded and very succesful The Art of Sampling. The 24-tracks The Demon Diaries followed this year.

Listen to the perfect summer jam, "The Sun" with Graham Candy vocals, included on The Demon Diaries below.

His live shows is accompanied by 5 live-musicians as Parov Stelar Band. Check out the tour dates here.

Web: parovstelar.com
Twitter: twitter.com/parov_stelar
Facebook: facebook.com/parovstelar
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/parov_stelar
Spotify: Parov Stelar

Jun 7, 2015


Check out the 7 wonders of this week.

1. Leon Bridges – Better Man
from Coming Home, ©2015 Columbia Records

2. Lisa Alma – Man
From Sweater, ©2015 Dumont Dumont / Minty Fresh / NO FOREVERS

3. Pat Van Dyke – Pocket
From Right On Time, ©2015 Jakarta Records

4. RATATAT – Cream On Chrome
From single, ©2015 XL Recordings

5. Ghost Loft – The Otherside
From single, ©2015 Kitsugi

6. Nosaj Thing – Don't Mind Me f/ Whoarei
From Fated, ©2015 Innovative Leisure / Timetable Records

7. Turzi – Colombe
From C, ©2015 Records Makers


B.W.H. – Stop
(Classic Hi-NRG anthem from 1983)