Jan 9, 2022

THIS IS: Joy Crookes

Soul has a new diva and her name is Joy.

At her 23, this South London-based woman has become the new international soul diva. With his debut album Skin (2021, Insanity Records), an "autobiographical body of work" inspired by her British-Irish-Bangladeshi heritage, as well as her experiences of young adulthood, heartbreak and identity, amazed critics and audiences with her precocious talent.

Primarily a modern soul record with elements of R&B, jazz, pop and trip-hop with precious orchestral string arrangements, make Skin an instant classic.

Listen to her debut album Skin here:

"I hope we can all continue breaking down boundaries that stretch between generations and cultures" —Joy Crookes

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joycrookes/ 

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